Please see below for audition information for the upcoming ALT virtual production of the original Arts Live Theatre production of In The Year 2525 by Jae Hurd!




Frequently Asked Questions


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An Arts Live Theatre Original Production


Thank you for you time and talent and interest in auditioning for this ALT production! We're excited to see you! Please read information carefully and completely.

What is The Year 2525 about?

One day the world will end. And the next day the world will continue. At many points in time it has seemed like the world would end, but the earth hasn’t stopped spinning yet. In this Arts Live Theatre original play by ALT actor/writer Jae Hurd, we journey through time to see how people react when they thought the world was ending. We travel back in time to World War 2, jump to the present and into different points in the future. In the 2300s, a portal opens from a nightmare dimension, and world leaders gather to try and fix it, but an argument between a married couple prevents them from doing anything. In the 2400s, a massive solar eclipse nearly wipes out all life, and finally, in 2525 a classroom full of kids learns that the world has yet to stop spinning. A virtual time travel adventure! 

Mark Landon Smith directs.

Who may audition?

Actors ages 10-18 are invited to audition! No previous experience necessary! And you can be from anywhere and participate as this is a virtual production! Video auditions being accepted through Tuesday, March 30 through Tuesday, April 20.

What does the audition consist of?

The audition will consist of video submissions of a monologue reading from the script. Monologue material is located HERE.

Please film in landscape, (horizontal), format in a quiet space.

Once filmed the actor will upload the audition video to the fields provided below. Auditions are due by 5pm CST, Tuesday, April 20th, 2021.

What is the rehearsal schedule?

On your audition form you will be asked to list ALL of your conflicts during the week and weekends from April 20th through May 9, 2021. Rehearsals will take place via Zoom meetings. A reliable internet connection is necessary for rehearsals. The audio will be recorded via Zoom for the production and broadcast on the ALT YouTube channel and through the ALT podcast.

When is the performance?

The performance will ready for release in May, 2021.

Is there a participation fee?

To help with costs associated with production, there is a $125  participation fee for actors cast. A limited number of scholarships are available. Vist for information.


Please direct questions to

  • Are auditions open to everyone?


Yes, auditions are open to anyone within the age range given for each production.


  • Do you have to have previous stage experience to audition?


Absolutely not!  It makes no difference if you've been in 15 shows or none, all are welcome!

  • Are scripts available before the audition?


To give everyone an equal opportunity, we do not offer scripts before the audition. However, information about productions and scripts may be found online, at bookstores and libraries. Scenes from the script may also be posted on this website for you to become familiar with the play.  See the specific show audition information to the left for available scenes to preview. 


  • What is the actual audition process?

It's very easy!  Audition days are announced a few weeks prior with scenes provided through our website. For musical auditions actors will be asked to sing. All auditions at this time are video only. Information on how to submit may be found on the audition form.

  • When does the cast list go up and what happens if I don't get cast?

The cast list will be published a few days following the final audition. Cast list is listed by the actor's name alphabetically. 

  • What is the participation fee?

In order to be able to bring exceptional productions to our audience, Arts Live Theatre charges a $125 per actor participation fee. A limited number of scholarships are available.

  • May I be in two shows at once?