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Virtual Theatre Academy

Please consider making a donation to Arts Live as we continue to provide arts education for youth.

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Hey! Let's Create together!

Arts Live Theatre presents with Virtual Theatre Project for artists 18 years of age and under!

90-second pieces created by YOU, sent to us, edited together with other pieces to create a piece of theatre then published on social media and on the ALT YouTube channel!

This will be an ongoing episode project with continual submission opportunities. The goal is to create several 10-minute episodes of 90-second videos.

Write and perform a monologue!
Sing a song!
Write and sing a song!
Make a short film!
Write and perform a poem!
Perform a scene or sketch!
Perform a monologue from a piece of theatre!
Do a dance!
Design a set!
Design a costume!
Write a piece of music!


-Shoot on your phone or other device in LANDSCAPE format!
-Keep submissions to 90 SECONDS maximum for easy transfer!
-Send pieces in MOV. or MP4 FORMAT!
-EMAIL your piece, or pieces, to
-Please don't send video via a second party app, (Dropbox, Googledoc, WeTransfer), as these can be tricky to upload! EMAIL directly to

We're excited to create with you! Share this opportunity with your friends!

Let's get our Shakespeare on!

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The Globe Theatre

See where Shakespeare performed his greatest works!

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Shakespearean activities

Romeo and Juliet challenge

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