A Little Princess Auditions & FAQ
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  • Are auditions open to everyone?

Yes, auditions are open to anyone within the age range given for each production.

  • Do you have to have previous stage experience to audition?

Absolutely not!  It makes no difference if you've been in 15 shows or none, all are welcome!

  • Are scripts available before the audition?

To give everyone an equal opportunity, we do not offer scripts before the audition except when the script is an original Arts Live Theatre adaptation.  However, information about productions and scripts may be found online, at bookstores and libraries.  Scenes from the script may also be posted on this website for you to become familiar with the play.  See the specific show audition information to the left for available scenes to preview.  Actors who wish to read the complete script are welcome to make an appointment with Arts Live Theatre by calling 479.521.4932.  Actors may read scripts onsite, although we cannot allow actors to check out scripts we are producing.

  • What is the actual audition process?

It's very easy!  Audition times are announced a few weeks prior.  Usually this will happen on a weekend; Saturday and Sunday from 1pm-4pm.  You are welcome to drop in at any time during those times.  You do not need a an appointment, however be prepared to wait a bit as there might be other actors before you.  After the audition form has been filled out, you are welcome to look over scenes the director has selected from which you will be auditioning.  You can take as long as you'd like to look over the material so you feel comfortable.  When you are ready, the audition monitor will call you back to meet with the director where you will read in a small group.  The director may ask you to stay and read again. 

  • What happens if I mess up at the audition?

Nerves are a tricky thing, aren't they?  If you mess up, flub a word, get lost in the script - it is no big deal!  The director may stop you and ask you to begin again.  And you may ask to begin again, also!  We want you to feel completely comfortable and satisfied with our audition.

  • What can I do to give a good audition?

There are a couple of things you can do to give a good audition.  The most important thing is to speak clearly and to project.  We are unable to cast actors whom we do not understand or are unable to hear.  And have fun!  Have fun pretending to be someone else and really go for it!

And having a great, positive attitude always helps!

Also, it is VERY important you list ALL OF YOUR CONFLICTS on your audition sheet.  If an actor is cast and then has several conflicts which weren't listed on the audition sheet, the actor has to be replaced.  And that's no fun for anyone!  We can work around most conflicts, so not to worry.  However, actors who list conflicts the week of dress rehearsals will be unable to audition.

  • When does the cast list go up and what happens if I don't get cast?

The cast list will be published a few days following the final audition.  We average over 100 young actors at each audition, so not everyone is able to be cast.  However, there are other opportunities to be involved!  You can work backstage or take a class!  And, remember - there's always another show just around the corner! 

  • What is the participation fee?

In order to be able to bring exceptional productions to Northwest Arkansas, Arts Live Theatre charges a $165 per child participation fee for a production.  This fee is used to help with the costs of production including costumes, makeup, sets, props, lights, sound and include production t-shirt and DVD.

NOTE:  Students who volunteer to work backstage as Assistant Directors, Stage Managers, Costume Assistant, Makeup Assistant and Stage Crew, are not required to pay a participation fee.  Waiving this fee serves as compensation for  volunteering.


JULES TAYLOR, director

Saturday, December 13, 1-4 pm
Arts Live Theatre, 818 N Sang Avenue, Fayetteville, Ar.

Actors ages 10-18 are invited to audition.
No previous experience neccessary.
Actors will read from the script.

Synopsis: Sara Crewe, heiress to a large fortune, is enrolled at Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary for Young Ladies in Victorian England.  At first her life is happy, but news arrives that her father has died and her fortune is lost.  Sara is forced to become a servant, scrubbing cobblestones and washing cooking kettles.  She must live in a miserable attic room that seems no better than a prison cell.  When a mysterious gentleman from India takes the house next door, some strange and curious things begin to happen.  In time, Sara even discovers that her fortune has been retrieved.  The enchanting story is filled with fascinating characters, both good and bad:  greedy Miss Minchin and her timid sister, Amelia; Becky, the kitchen slavey; snooty and jealous Lavinia; and Ermengarde, who hates to read and can’t spell.  There’s even a Hindu servant named Ram Dass, whose monkey is always up to mischief.  You’ll never forget Sara’s birthday scene, nor the odd tea party she conducts in the cold attic.  This show is filled with comedy, drama and, most of all, charm.  When things turn out splendidly for our clever Sara, it’s no wonder she feels just like a little princess.

Thursday, February 5, 7pm
Friday, February 6, 7 pm
Saturday, February 7, 2 pm & 7pm
Sunday, February 8, 2pm

Actors need to also be available the following weekend,  Thursday - Sunday, February 12-15, in the event of performance cancellations due to weather.